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In loving memory of our Senior Pastor

Roy Peeples

Roy and Betty Peeples started TPLC with a launch team at the Boys and Girls Club in Kenosha,WI. After serving for many years in the ministry, Roy decided to leave Lake County, IL to become a full time minister. The church is supported by donations from friends, family, and members which allows for TPLC to continue to provide essential services to the community. These programs uplift our men, encourage our women, mentor our young adults and promote positive interactions with children while teaching biblical foundations.  

As a ministry, our future continues to expand as God provides us with experiences and resources for continued growth. TPLC believes in the integration of the church and community leaders to ensure we mobilize and inspire hope. We believe that serving and reaching out to others builds tangible value in the quest to change lives . Turning Point Life Church is loving and empowering ordinary people by making a difference today.

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